Monday, July 21, 2014

Eclipse installation on Linux platforms

1. Download the appropiate Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers version for your architecture (32 or 64 bits) from
     For this explanation, I suppose the file is downloaded to "Downloads" directory of the "username" home directory ("/home/username/Downloads/").
2. As a root user, extract the archived files from downloaded file in step 1.
 $ su
Password: <Type the root password>
# cd /usr/local/
# mv /home/username/Downloads/eclipse-jee-luna-R-linux-gtk-<version>.tar.gz .
# tar -zxvf eclipse-jee-luna-R-linux-gtk-<version>.tar.gz
     In this step, Eclipse Luna was installed on "/usr/local/" directory. Now you can remove the downloaded file:
# rm eclipse-jee-luna-R-linux-gtk-<version>.tar.gz
3. In order to run Eclipse from the graphic interface, create a link to Eclipse in your desktop. As normal user, enter in a terminal:
$ cd /home/username/Desktop
$ ln -s /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse Eclipse

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